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WayneBreezie has been a die-hard 49ers fan since the mid to late 1980s.  Over the years of watching the 49ers triumph and struggle, WayneBreezie took to one of his passions and began writing for a variety of 49ers groups on YouTube.  After the controversy due to his stance on former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Breezie started to write short blog posts on Twitter.  This is where he began to be heard, and his following grew.  From these blog posts is where a member from one of the most prestigious 49ers groups, Nothing But Niners, asked Breezie to become involved.  After writing for the group, he made an appearance on their podcast. 


Breezie's natural energy is what drives his passion for speaking on the 49ers, and even more. Still a member of Nothing But Niners, he decided to venture off and embark on his own works by creating a show called Nitty Gritty Niners with co-founder Donny Fortino.  The show's theory was to keep everything authentic and to not sugar coat things for the fans.  The show's platform has thus grown, featuring several co-hosts and events. 

Now developing into a network called The WayneBreezie Entertainment Network,  plans are to host a series of podcasters, writers & content creators looking to make their way into the sports & entertainment world.  

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